Advanced Usurpation Soldier con

Advanced Usurpation Soldier portrait in Multiplayer.

The Advanced Usurpation Soldier is the more powerful version of the Usurpation Soldier. Their distinctive white armor with red coloring makes them easy to identify. They use the Alien Shotgun as a primary weapon along with others. Another difference is that they bleed darker blue blood than their counter-parts.

An Advanced Soldier equipped with a Rocket Launcher and Alien Shotgun.


Although less frequent than the Usupation Soldier, they are sometimes known to posses heavy weapons such as the Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro, and the infamous Heavy Railgun v04 CS-OneSOneK.

They have higher health than their cousins, although less to an extent with the Usupation Destroyer.


  • Their visor are dark gray, although it could be polarized.
  • Two can be seen, leading the usupation assault on level 31, killing the Civil Security defenders there.
  • In level 13 the Advanced Usurpation Soldier's Aliens Shotguns are a bit more powerful then other levels then level 2 and 3.