The Alien Pistol is one of the three pistols in Plazma Burst 2, along with the Pistol and the Pistol C-01p. The Alien Pistol fires two shots at once, a feature the other pistols do not have, which gives enemies an advantage over the players normal plazma pistol.


The Alien Pistol can be purchased from the Equipment Shop for $600

An Usurpation Soldier firing their pistol.

. It can also be dropped by Usurpation Soldiers at levels 1 and 2.This is the cheapest pistol in the game.


It has an appearance like a yellow arc and if one looks closely, it has a tiny yellow trigger. At the end of the arc points is a blue light that flashes when reloading.

While firing the twin plazma generators within the pistol release a plazma spark which emits through a short tunnel causing a reaction of particles to create a plazma laser. However, the Alien Pistol have very low penetrating power.


  • It is by far the strongest pistol because of its twin shots and power.It is also the pistol which loads the slowest.
  • It is only found in Level 1 and the beginning of level 2, making it the rarest weapon to find in the entire campaign.
  • Sadly, in the V1.17 update it got replaced with shit. Like the exact opposite of the original because it had become the fastest shooting pistol in the game, but it has the weakest damage of all guns.The Minor Usurpation Soldiers still carry this pistol on Level 1. So V1.17 Alien Pistol and Minor Usurpation Soldier is the most sorry combo to have ever existed. But a level 3 Alien Pistol(V1.17) can still directly kill an enemy with around 200 HP. But only if it hits at the weak points such as the head but in the Falkoks' case, the legs.