Two Android T-O1187 wielding Alien Shotguns

The Androids are a enemy faction in Plazma Burst: Foward to The Past, and Plazma Burst 2. They are a semi-sentient race of machines that are hostile to the other factions, including the Marine and his allies. They posses a array of weaponry, ranging from railguns, to rocket launchers. The Androids have sub-classes, from the fast and agile Android SLC-56, and the humanoid like Android T-O1187.


Android SLC-56 - One of the fastest enemies in the series. They are the most numerous in the Android Race. They can also jump very high, and they use the Lite Railgun v01 CS-HShot, to the Alien Shotguns. Be ever wary of their presence and use caution when dealing with them.

Android T-O1187 - One of the rarest enemies to find, only found in level 8. They mostly use the Alien Shotgun, and are almost always in a group.


  • They are the smallest of the enemy factions.
  • When shot or destroyed, they emit sparks and metal bending.