The Marine Shooting An Assault Rifle C-01r

The Assault Rifle C-01r is an rapid-fire weapon is the Plazma Burst series.


Normally, The Assault Rifle C-01r is ideally suited for situations that demands firing rate. Despite the fact that the Assault Rifle C-01r has the weakest damage per bullet in-game, that is compensated for its speedy fire rate. This weapon has a red version that shoots red bullets. Compared to the other Assault Rifles, this weapon trades damage for speed. The Assault Rifle CS-RC seems like a balanced version of the Alien Rifle, and the Assault Rifle C-01r.

Users should be noted that firing full-auto decreases accuracy altogether, so stay in mind that firing in bursts helps conserve accuracy.


  • The Assault Rifle C-01r has a faster fire rate than the Assault Rifle CS-RC, its Civil Security counterpart.
  • The map editor weapons id for the Assault Rifle C-01r is:
  • The red version's map editor weapons id is:
  • This is the Marine's signature weapon, along with the Pistol C-01p, and the Shotgun C-01s.
  • Fully upgraded C-01r rifles are used by Civil Security Bosses in level 40. Another with no upgrades can be found inside a crate in level 27.
  • It seams to be inspired by the assualt rifle from the halo universe.

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