The Assault Rifle CS-RC is an assault rifle used by the civil security on some levels in the campaign. This is a Rapid-Fire assault rifle, with little to none cool down. It is also ourfitted with a red-line of sight, but only for asthetic purposes.

This is the standard issue weapon for the Civil Security Lites, Heavies, and Bosses and can be brought from the Equipment Shop for $1200 credits. Its upgrade price per piece is 350$.

This rifle has an appearance much like an XM8 Rifle.

Assault Rifle CS-RC
Lites will start using this at level 4, where the Marine finds an base behind a CS-Hound Walker and Civil Security Lites with the Assault Rifle CS-RC's will attack the player.This weapon can be picked up in the campaign and can be upgraded. The Assault Rifle CS-RC fires real bullets (unlike blue bullets from the marine's rifle.) and is possibly the best assault rifle in the game.This is the first weapon the player encounters in the game,where there is two heavies backed up by lites with pistols.


The Assault Rifle CS-RC appears in level 1, wielded by two Civil Security Heavies. They can be picked up in the later levels in the game.Most likely by Civil Security Lites.


  • The signature weapon of the Civil Security.
  • Looks like [Rifle].
  • Its ID name is... gun_real_rifle
  • It is the most expensive rifle to upgrade, costing $350 credits to do so.
  • If you look closely, there is a transparent magazine. However, the player never reloads the gun.