The CS-BNG is a very powerful weapon. And its called Civil Security BNG. It fires a green energy pellet that destroys most enemies in one shot, apart from Corvettes and Civil Security Bosses. It can also hurt enemies just by brushing them closely. Enemies may also be torn apart when hit by the bolt. It may be more useful to just shoot above the enemy, as it may cause more damage. It's main drawback is the rate of fire, as it fires quite slowly. The pellet also travels slowly, giving enemies the chance to dodge.These are mainly carried by Usurpation Destroyers, but some Civil Security Infantry have been know to use them. In certain levels, the Advanced Usurpation Soldiers will use the CS-BNG.

Usurpians wielding BNGs in Level 17


The CS-BNG can be purchased in the Equipment Shop for $4000 credits. It can also be picked up by enemies later, toward the end of the game. The first CS-BNG that can be picked up is carried by a heavy on level 28 at the top of the rising platform. It can be also found in level 37 in a hidden crate, near the end of the level.


  • The CS-BNG ID code is... gun_bfg. This could reference to the Big F****** Gun in the Doom series.
  • Only powerful enemies wield its unnatural force.
  • The CS-BNG is the Usupation Destroyer's favorite signature weapon.
  • At level 17, the enemy will appear on the screen with the weapon of the CS-BNG, it is best to set your character armor to lite and use swords to run faster and escape. Then you could win the level easily.
  • The Railgun CS-OneSOneK Known as Railgun CivilSecurity seems to do more damage than the CS-BNG,but the Railgun CS-OneSOneK has a significantly more time to reload.
  • This weapon in single player can harm allies, the same applies in multiplayer