A dead ghost.

The Civil Security Ghost is a powerful enemy in Plazma Burst 2. They are encountered in Levels 25, 26, 33 and 42. The Civil Security Ghosts are the assassins in the Civil Security ranks. They use cloaking devices to make them invisible to enemies, and are skilled with their swords. They will become slightly visible if shot, or if they are dying, and only become fully visible when they die. They rarely appear with weapons, so most rely on there psi blades. These soldiers are extremely rare. It is recommended to equip slot 2 or 8 and shoot in front of you.

Ghosts are completely invisible when cloaked.


They wear a very similar Civil Security Lite armor, as the armor is the same except for colors. The visor of an civil security ghost is green, with black armor.

At the start of the level, ghosts can be seen before they turn invisible.


  • They tend to flank the player either from behind, below, above or even in front of you. Pay attention to their movements once your in view of them.
  • Its not recommended to use your psi swords, as they can kill you faster than you can slice them.
  • They tend to stay in groups, so be careful.
  • They sometimes give off hints that can give away their general postion like: footsteps, or swords slashing.
  • They are better at deflecting projectiles, this can be observed when using time-warp.
  • Some charge at the player when your off guard.


  • Although referred to as a "ghost", they hardly look like any ghost. The reason that they are called Civil Security Ghosts is that they are invisible, like ghosts.
  • They make a sound similar to the swords being used when they are nearby. You can use this to your advantage to know if a Civil Security Ghost is near or not.
  • Unlike regular Civil Security officers, they bleed black blood. Why they do is unknown, however it is possible that they are a different species or black blood is a side effect of the invisibility.
  • They only appear in a few levels, and rarely fight with other Civil Security troops.
  • When playing as a ghost in a custom-map, enemies will still see you even though you're invisible. However they will not shoot you immediatly unless you bump into them.
  • There is a type of soldier in StarCraft that is called Ghosts, with a similar cloaking power.
  • It has been rumored that Civil Security Ghosts are dead Civil Security Lites. Due to their black blood and fast movement, they most likely might be dead. Another hint that they can be dead is that they dont talk. They only make sword noises and death noises.
  • However, one Ghost says "We have to eliminate intuders. They can't see us until our battlesuits recieves damage." This was in Alone Marine 2 map, by Eric Gurt.
  • If shot at, they give off a distinct green glow, most likely from their visors or their psi blades.
  • They only give off one death noise, while the other Civil Security troops have two or more death sounds.