Elite soldier concept by Talros

Civil Security Heavy Concept Art.

Civil Security con

Civil Security Heavy's Portrait on Multiplayer.

The Civil Security Heavy is a bulky, heavily armored, slow-moving enemy that uses assault rifles , rocket launchers , railguns , and other heavy weapons to take out "intruders." They can be dangerous if not dealt properly and swiftly. In some cases, they can be found alone, or in a squad. They can be found in almost every level (Although less common, they start to appear more as the player advances the campaign.) Heavies are less common than lites.


There are a few ways to deal with Civil Security Heavies. Using high-explosive weapons like the Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro and grenades are good for weakening them, then finishing them off with rapid-fire weapons. Shooting them in the head repeatdly kills them gradually. Shotguns are great for taking out heavies when upgraded to level 2 or 3. Otherwise using the Assault Rifle C-01r are enough for picking them off when alone.


  • They are higher ranking than the Lites , but not as high as the Bosses.
  • One heavy in level 28 can be seen using a CS-BNG . However he is "locked up" with another one to his left. What reason is unknown.

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