These prisoners are your allies now.

two Civil Security Lite allies were prisoners in a detention center on Level 6 before being rescued by the protagonist. They fight on the Marine's side, so they are supposedly rebels. However, they are still able to pick up Civil Security weapons. After the end of the level, they leave you to fight on your own. They are the first allies to encounter, with Proxy, the two Android SLC-56s and Noir Lime.They appear to have an larger amount of health than regular civil security lites.


They were suppossedly Civil Security Lites that were breaking the rules and were thrown into a detention center with two Usurpation Soldiers and an Advanced Usurpation Soldier.


Their fate up to this point is unknown. After the level, they leave you, so it is possible that they went on a quest of their own. The Civil Security Lite can die, so it is possible that they died trying to escape the center. It is also possible that they were rounded back up and put back in the detention center. They may have been killed by the Usurpians, or might have rejoined the Civil Security.

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