Two Corvettes in battle.

Corvettes are one of the biggest enemies encountered in the Campaign. They seem to be the "drone" version of the Usupers.

Corvettes are exclusive to Level 41, and one of the hardest enemies to defeat. It uses fast-firing rocket launchers that fires bursts of rockets that deal small-moderate damage - less than that of a hand grenade, but they can easily kill their target quickly.

With lots of cover and heavy weaponry, the player can eventually defeat a Corvette. An easier method of killing one is shooting it with the Drone Gun CS-Virus which kills the driver thus blowing up the vehicle. Also keep in mind the drones won't be as aggressive so it may take a few shots. PSI Blades are powerful too, but the corvette's launcher can force you out of their reach.

When a Corvette is destroyed, it creates a large explosion, which forces anyone nearby off their feet. Its large wreck that will be made of the vehicle can be difficult to get through.