The defib's first appearance in Level 21

The defibrillator is an equipment that can be utilized to revive fallen teammates on the battlefield, as long as their bodies are intact. Also it can be used to heal yourself in multiplayer, as you might go into a dying state.

The defibrillator can be brought from the Equipment Shop for $500 credits, or it can be found in certain levels, usually those which introduce allies.


Use the defibrillator on downed teammates while you can! Not only it helps them, it brings manpower to the entire team, especially on Co-op team deathmatches!

Although the defibrillator can kill enemies, it has a very short range and low damage compared to other weapons, so it should only be used against enemies if guns or PSI Blades are unavailable. However, it can be used to kill enemies inside vehicles without affecting the vehicle itself.


  • Civil Security, and the Usupians never use the defibrillator. However, The Marine, Proxy, and Noir Lime will use the defibrillator on downed teammates.
  • You can hurt enemies with this by using it on them. Injuring enemies with the defibrillator can send them into a dying state, if their health is low enough.