A drone to the middle-right. Notice it uses a grenade launcher. Better be careful!

Template:Vehicles A Drone is a minor enemy in Plazma Burst 2. They appear in a few levels, usually at the beginning or the end. They fire only a few shots at the player, and so can be quickly disposed of. The Civil Security uses drones in remote, or rarely partolled areas. They will shoot Usupers and the player when shot, or get caught in its line-of-sight. There are two differents kinds of drones, one uses the minigun and the other uses genade launchers.

Two Drones firing guns.


  • The Drone has a rival, called the Corvette.
  • The Drone has a much bigger, stronger, upgraded version of itself called the Corvette.
  • There is a bug on Level 1 where the two Drones will randomly die as soon as you get close to them, possibly crushing the two Usurpation Soldiers underneath them.