Drone Gun

The Virus Gun used in battle in the campaign Level 40.

The Drone Gun CS-Virus is a rare weapon that shoots 3 small drones which inject a virus into enemies. It is a very rare weapon, only found in Level 40. It can be seen being used by Civil Security Bosses, as well as other uncommon weaponry. It features a open barrel, with a humpback on the back of the weapon. This weapon is not reliable on higher difficulties above easy, as the enemies will switch to PSI blades and destroy the drones before it can reach them. Strangely, robots are also affected by the virus. Oddly, if you shoot a Hound Walker-CS, Mobile rO81-CS, Drone or Corvette with it, they will have blood squirting out from the vehicle, but does not destroy the vehicle, but the person manning it. The vehicle will stay in the action it is in. For example, if you use the Drone Gun CS-Virus on a Hound Walker-CS, it will keep walking but not shoot, and when you destroy the vehicle, the body will fall out. But for Corvettes, blood will squirt than it will be destroyed (this also applies for Drones).


  • This weapon is also infamous in multiplayer, especially when swords are disabled; thus, running away is the only way to get out of harm's way.
  • The reason that machinery bleed when hit by the drones is:
Every machine has a part of it that represents the person. Whether there is a person in there or not, it will have it. That part is the only part that is not protected by the machine itself, thus it is susceptible to weapons like the Drone Gun CS-Virus or the Defibrillator. If the person is killed, then the AI for that enemy will go offline, and will be put in a neutral position. Enemies bleed when hurt.