Two blue barrels in level 17.

Explosive barrels are a feature in Plazma Burst: Foward to The Past, and Plazma Burst 2. They appear as small, barrels that contain explosive material inside it. Caution should be taken, especially when firefights happen.

In Plazma Burst 2, barrels can be picked up by the Kinetic Module. Care should be taken when handling dangerous objects.

Types (Plazma Burst: Foward To The Past)Edit

Oil BarrelsEdit

Red barrels that contain oil inside, and can be found in a few levels. When shot, the barrel will be ripped apart into two pieces.

Blue BarrelsEdit

Glows, and its fragile nature is not to be messed around with. Explodes with a even greater force, and shatters glass.

Types (Plazma Burst 2)Edit

Orange BarrelEdit

The most common, and has the weakest explosion in-game. It glows orange.

Two orange barrels.

Blue BarrelEdit

The second most common barrel available. It has a more violent explosion than the orange version.

Three blue barrels.

Red BarrelsEdit

The rarest barrel to be found. Can be found in few levels, and precaution must be take in order to prevent serious consquences. Glows red, and its destructive nature is to be reckoned with. Their shells tends to injure entities near it, so beware them.

A containment of twelve red barrels.


  • Barrels cannot be used in Muliplayer, as they will be removed!
  • Shoot the barrels near enemies to cut out less work, but do not shoot the explosives at close range!
  • Using the Kinetic Module , the player can pickup barrels, and can ambush enemies if you get the chance.