Falkok's Portrait

The Falkok is a new alien race in Plazma Burst 2, introduced by an update. They also appeared in the final levels in Plazma Burst: Foward to The Past.

Two Falkoks with Assault Rifle C-01r's

They appear as red armored humanoids that wear helmets and a blue visor with a broad chin, unlike the Usurpians. Their legs are arched back to an extent, but less protected compared to the other parts of the body. When shot, they bleed blue blood similar to the Usurpian race. They emit deep, vocal sounds when they spot an enemy. They also seem hostile to the Marine and his allies.

They use the upgraded Assault Rifle C-01r, along with a small arsenal of heavy weapons at their disposal.


  • They are the 1st alien race encountered by the Marine, and Noir Lime in PB:FTP.
  • They can't use their jetpacks in Plazma Burst 2. However, they can in PB:FTP.
  • They have a second class, dubbed the elite version of the Falkok. They wear yellow armor, and seem to be more Usupian like than their red cousins. They are only seen in the last level in Plazma Burst: Foward to The Past.
  • A weird thing is, they are slightly slower, and heavier than a regular enemy, but they are considered the lightest enemy in the entire game, due to their jet packs. Which are not functional in PB:2.
  • The only weapon, surprisingly they use is the assault rifle c-01r.
  • It is rumored that this may be one of the main enemies in Plazma Burst 3.
  • Their legs seem vulnerable, shooting at them is probably best idea.

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