Three inactive grenades.

Grenades are a very important aspect of the game.They have higher damage than the grenade launcher but don't explode on impact.They can be picked up or can be picked up by killing enemies that have it. The grenade will flash red continuously and then will explode,which tends to kill most enemies in one blast. The Grenade Launcher CS-SpamThemBaby fires grenades, but weaker in damage than the player uses.Grenades can also be bought in the store.

Tips Edit

You can use the Kinetic Module to redirect grenades to the desired direction.

It costs 200$ to buy a grenade in the store.The maximum grenades you can have is six.

Using time warp in some cases, the grenade is affected by its movement and when it explodes when the player uses the time warp. However the player can exploit that to their own advantage.

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