A Civil Security Lite using the Grenade Launcher in Level 26

The Grenade Launcher CS-SpamThemBaby is a medium-sized gun that shoots explosives similar to grenades, only weaker and differ in appearance. It looks like a weapon that has a broad barrel with a white bottom and a red strip on the top. Also it features a ark-like wire on the back on the gun, and blinks a red light indicating that its reloading the next grenade. It fires considerably fast, and when upgraded treo level 3, it spams 2 grenades with a greater blast force and damage. It can be seen being used in level 26 by Civil Security Lites with the Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro.

It also has a counter-part that the drones use in level 4 and 13. It's appearance looks the same, only the handle and trigger missing.

This is the on
ly gun that can not be picked up by the Marine, or any of his allies in the entire campaign!