The Heavy Railgun v04 CS-OneSOneK is a railgun in Plazma Burst 2.
Heavy Rail

Heavy railgun seen in Level 26


The Heavy Railgun v04 CS-OneSOneK is a bulkier version of its lighter counterpart, the Lite Railgun v01 CS-HShot. It features a very large top barrel, along with a big handle at the bottom. When fired, it releases an electrically accelerated projectile, as all railguns do. However, its trail of beam is noticeable compared to its cousin. It has a LED red light for when its reloading the next shot after being fired.



Firing a heavy railgun will make you lose your footing.

The Heavy Railgun is for taking out tough targets from an distance, and penetrating groups of weaker soldiers. Its damage and inital knockback are the strongest trails for this gun. However, players should be aware that its biggest downfalls is its reload time, taking 3x as much time to reload compared to its lighter cousin. This can be ignored by switching to another weapon, as it will still reload until its ready, unlike the Lite Railgun.

As with the Lite Railgun, the Heavy Railgun's accelerated "bullet" will slow down in bodies of water. But once it exits the water, it will resume full speed along with the damage it delivers.

Along with slow-mo, this weapon can be deadly. The projectile does not slow down, likewise for its cousin, unlike the other weapons in which their projectile's speed are slower than normal. This applies to all railgun user, including enemies. (Although they do not posses such ability.)

The weapons nature is designed for defensive playing, sniping, or both. It is not suited for offensive uses, unless you have other weapons that fill in this role.


The weapon is first encounted in level 9, carried by Civil Security Heavy, but cannot be picked up (An exception would be in level 40, where it can be picked up by the Marine.). Heavies, Civil Security Bosses, Androids, Aliens, and some Civil Security Lites use this weapon in some levels.

Proxy can use this weapon in level 30 in a crate. It costs $2700 credits to purchase and $900 credits to upgrade. The Marine cant purchase it, but he can pick it up in Level 40.


An example of what the "Heavy" railgun at level 31 can do.


  • Although it is more powerful, it takes a painfully long time to load.
  • It is shown it can rebound and kill you in the multiplayer.
  • It is able to penetrate more bodies than the Lite Railgun.
  • A level 2 Heavy Railgun can reduce your life to less than 70.

    A fully upgraded Heavy Railgun used on Level 31.

  • The ID for the Heavy Railgun CS-OneSOneK is:
  • It is extremly dangerous if you shoot it off a wall, as this can sometimes kill you.

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