The hound walker is a vehicle used mostly by

A neutral walker in level 18.

the civil security.It resembles a walking arachnid because of its shape and eyes.It mainly uses a green cannon that fires a strong yellow bullet similar to the CS-BNG bullet but only weaker. When it is destroyed, it does not explode like all the other vehicles but its head slumps over and the driver jumps up. It is the only vehicle that when destroyed, it disappears while the rest leave a burned, blackened shell.


  • You can "bunny hop" the walker, but its hard to do so. To "bunny hop" jump, and while in mid air press and hold the crouch key until the vehicle touches the ground, at the split second you touch down, jump immidietly. (You have to be moving to perform the Bunny Hop)
  • It can be used by the Marine during level 18.