The "Lite" Railgun is a small weapon, designed for long range engagements. It features a sleek barrel, with a pump-action underneath the barrel. It fires an electrically accelerated projectile, leaving a blue streak with tendrils of energy. When the projectile hits a solid surface, it immediately dissipates upon impact.


A Civil Security Lite using the "Lite Railgun."



A railgun being fired. Notice the high recoil.

The Lite Railgun v01 CS-HShot is a good weapon for precise shots, especially headshots. It also reloads 3x times faster than its heavier counterpart, the Heavy Railgun v04 CS-OneSOneK. The disadvantages are the inital cost for upgrading it. Without the upgrades, the railgun has less accuracy in total, along with decreased damage. The Heavy Railgun has a slightly worse aim than its cousin. The reload cannot be completed when switching to another weapon until switched back.

Firing the Lite Railgun in water results with the beam traversing slower, but doing the exact amount of damage. However it resumes full velocity once it exits the water. This is also applied to the "Heavy Railgun."

While in slow-mo, the railgun's accelerated projectile will still travel its full speed, unlike other weapons which causes their projectiles to slow them down considerably. Likewise, the Heavy Railgun will do the same when fired in slow-motion.

This weapon can be used in an offensive, or defensive role. The offests for an offensive style in multiplayer would be the lag. Its recommended that you have a backup weapon for this weapon, such as an pistol. It also penetrates organic or robotic targets about 2-3 bodies thick, good for weakening enemies behind the point man of the group.

An tatic that suits the "Lite Railgun" is called stratgic dismemberment. It works best if you have a fully upgraded Lite Railgun, as its unparalleled acurracy and damage plays an important part. You can take off the arms of enemies if you aim below the head, and above the torso. Shooting at the right place at the torso results in an instant kill for Civil Security Lites, Usurpation Soldiers, and other weak enemies. Heavy Railguns also work, (but caution should be take for the Heav Railgun's reload time.) as it deals with damage that are stronger like Heavies , Advanced Usurpation Soldiers, etc... Also, be aware that taking off their legs denies walking movement for most enemies, but they will either still shoot you or die immediately.

Lite Railgun V01 CS-HShot

Lite Railgun v01 CS-HShot


It can be purchesed at the Equipment Shop for $2500 credits. It can be picked up at level 4, and the upgrade price per level is $850. You can also pickup from a Civil Security Heavy in Level 4.

Any unupgraded Lite Railgun can be picked up in the Campaign. However, upgraded ones can't be picked up.

Aliens use railguns, although much less frequent than the Civil Security does.


  • It reloads faster than its heavy cousin
  • It can penatrate only 2-3 bodies
  • It is the only weapon (Or along with a sidearm.) used weapon in maps like: Eric Gurt_railwars1, Max Teabag_lab, etc...

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