The Marine Shooting An Assault Rifle C-01r

The Marine is the main protagonist in the Plazma Burst series. He is a soldier who came from the future to stop the alien threat. He also came to stop humanity from becoming enslaved, or even becoming extint from the Usurpation threat. Not much is known about him, other than a skilled soldier. He is also friends of Noir Lime and later Proxy. He is quite silent most of the time, but only having brief conversations with his fellow teammates.


"What?"-When the Marine spots an enemy.

"Enemy!"-When he spots a foe.

"Enemy Spotted"-When he spots an enemy/foe.

The Marine wears white armor, along with a variety of weapons at his disposal. His armor is quite distinctive from others like the Civil Security, or the Usurpation race. Other than that, he is a one of a kind person for the whole Plazma Burst series.

Trivia Edit

Plazma burst 2

The Marine with the Assault Rifle C-01r

  • In the campaign, level 21 requires the Marine to clone himself, and fight alongside his clone.
  • However, on level 22, you have to fight your own clones who have turned against you.
  • Depending on the color of your armor,you will bleed different colors.
  • The Marine's name is whatever the player enters as their name.