The Minigun C-02m is a very uncommon rapid-fire weapon in Plazma Burst 2. It's the gun that is most preferred among Plazma Burst 2 players, because it provides great power along with the amazingly fast rate of fire, even rivaling of the Assault Rifle C-01r's rate of fire. However, it has a terrible accuracy and a massive recoil. Suitable for long range combat most of the time, except for when you are unstable. Its bullets and penetrate thin walls. Unfortunately, you can not upgrade the minigun, nor can you find it in the weapon shop. Sad.


It is only found in Level 40 and 41, being held by Noir Lime, a teammate who crashed right in front of the protagonist and Proxy. In order to get the Minigun C-02m, you must drop your weapon in the second slot, switch characters with Noir Lime and make him drop the minigun. Now, switch back to the main character and pick up the minigun. Give it a test, and see if it is the minigun.

A much simpler way is to use the Kinetic Module to "disarm" Noir Lime and pull the Minigun towards the player. Then, drop the weapon in the second slot and pick up the Minigun.


  • In most multiplayer gunshops, there is always a minigun.
  • This is Noir Lime's signature weapon in PB2.