Plazma burst 2

Plazma burst 2

The Plazma Burst 2 game allows online play across the globe.The matches can take form as Deathmatch,cooperative,or what people like to make.For example,so far in multiplayer,there are maps where people make gunshops,where the creator makes one with infinite life who is the "shop keeper" and the rest with limited who are the "customers".There are also "saw" maps where there is only one team or sometimes a robot on top on the other team activating the traps with triggers and they must get to the end of the map without getting killed by oncoming doors and elevators and acid.They are often not finished because since there is only one team when no robots,if another player enters the game,it reboots the map and everyone starts over because the map "figures" out there is only one team.There are also sniper games in which the sniper's main weapon is the Heavy Railgun.

Don't use offensive language in multiplayer,as saying 3 offensive words will kick you from the game.Also do not team kill allies,doing this will kick you from the game,don't do this 3 times either.

Skins for multiplayer Edit

The skins for multiplayer have some advantages and disadvantages,but co-op has the same movement as the enemy/ally in the campaign.The skins for multiplayer are:&nbsp Civil security lite, Civil security heavy, Civil security boss, Civil security lite (red), Civil security lite (blue), Civil security ghost ( co-op only), Marine (default), Marine helmet ,1 Marine helmet 2, Marine helmet 3, Marine helmet 4, Marine heavy, Marine helmet 5, Marine helmet 6. Alien skins:&nbsp Usurption soldier(model 1), Usurption soldier (model 2), Advanced usurption soldier, Usurption destroyer, Falkok(alien with red armor . Proxy, Proxy(white version), Proxy (red), Proxy (blue), Noir lime, Noir lime (red),

Noir lime (blue).
Pb2 cb

Reports of a person with this unknown skin appearing in PB2 but noone can seem to find where the skin was gotten from.

Those are all of the skins usable for multiplayer.

There has been several reports of people seeing this skin but cant seem to find this and dont know the name of it but all we do know is that it bears a resembelence to the Heavy suit in the campaign.

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