Noir Lime con

Noir Lime's portrait in Multiplayer.

Noir Lime is the fourth teammate encountered, after the two Civil Security Lite from Level 6 and Proxy.[[Proxy|


Noir Lime was one of the two people sent into the future in the old Plazma Burst game, while the other one was the protagonist. They were sent to the future to change the course of history in order to restore humans' freedom from slavery. Noir Lime was incapacitated by  Robot Omega  at the end of the first Plazma Burst game, and was carried to an emergency rocket. Noir Lime has suspectingly been travelling across the galaxy for unknown reasons but sources from recent activity say that Noir Lime is a bounty hunter and used to work for a agency called (unknown) before meeting the protagonist at a civil security detention centre and travelling back into the past with him to save humanity.

After Noir Lime was revived by a healer on a planet, he travelled back to earth to meet his old partner but was hit by a Usurpation ship and crashed back on earth and died.

Noir Lime is found dead when a ship crashes near the Marine and Proxy.

He was later revived by the protagonist and Proxy, after his ship crashed near them as they made their way to the Time machine.

His notable weapons are the Minigun C-02m , a Pistol, a Ray Gun and the Drone Gun CS-Virus.
Noir lime

Noir lime in a special edition Blue team battlesuit


  • Noir Lime features a red and a blue version of him in multiplayer team death matches.
  • On Plazma Burst, his armor had a different look than it is now. He also had a different weapon on the final levels of Plazma Burst.
  • Oddly enough, his first name, Noir, is french for black and Lime is a shade of green. This probably refers to the color of his armor.
  • In the first game, he uses a SMG.
  • Oddly, he won't say a phrase when he spots an enemy
  • In PB:FTP, when shot, he sounds like a girl.

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