The Marine,next to a CS-BNG,using Psi Swords


An usurpation soldier losing their head to PSI blades.

The PSI blades or swords is a high damage energy-based melee weapon that can kill most people very quickly.

Civil Security Lites attacking with PSI Blades.

The color of the swords depend on the character.


  • A.I. will switch to swords if you get too close.
  • Do not let enemies get too close! They may switch to swords!
  • If you are laggy,or your PC/mac is slow,you will have an advantage at swords,and an disadvantage.
  • Disadvantage: after you slash by clicking multiple times,it will keep cutting after the desired amount.
  • Advantage: It is very likely,after some one kills you with swords,he will be "cut" after you died.This only happens if you slashed him and damage did not appear.


PSI Blades are used by every character, but the color of their blades vary. Civil Security Lite: Orange Blades

Civil Security Heavy: Orange Blades

Civil Security Boss: Red blades

Civil Security Ghost: Green Blades

Marine: White blades

Heavy Battlesuit: Blue (Default) Varies

Proxy: Pink/Violet (Default) Varies

Noir Lime: Blue Blades

Usurpation(grunt): Blue

Usurpation Soldier: Blue

Advanced Usurpation: Blue

Usurpation Destroyer: Blue


  • In The Games StarCraft And StarCraft 2,a unit for the Protoss called an "Zealot" uses Psi Swords.

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