The Plasmagun CS-Bloom is a weapon in Plazma Burst 2.


The Plasmagun CS-Bloom is a energy weapon that fires "blooms" of energy at a moderate fire rate, and with a hefty amount of recoil. It is a bulky weapon with a blunt, open barrel at its end. Despite its bulky nature, it has fairly good accuracy when fired in bursts when fully upgraded.


The Plasmagun CS-Bloom is a powerful weapon that can decimate enemies with its damage and rate of fire. It is idealy used for any situation that demands incrdible firepower. However, its projectiles are slow compared to the other weapons, with assault rifles and railguns exceling at speed.

The weapon's energy projectile velocity does not seem to slow down in water, ignoring the costs that the other weapons would pay. The energy projectile slows further down to an extent when fired in slow-mo. Headshots almost result in the unforunate target's head being blown up in a gory splat.

Heavy Suit

Proxy holding the Plasmagun CS-Bloom.

Along with the damage it gives you, it also does splash damage from a few feet where the projectile's impact zone was. The splash damage delt with is insignificant compared with the CS-BNG or the Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro.

This weapon is suited for both offense and defense, as the damage and rate of fire are valuable in these types of situaions.


The weapon is first encountered in level 7. The weapon is booby trapped when picked up from its spot, so use the Kinetic Module to avoid the trap from being activated. It can also be purchased from the Equipment Shop for $2000 credits. It costs $650 credits to upgrade, a very good price tag compared to the other expensive choices like the Ray Gun C-01y, Heavy Railgun v04 CS-OneSOneK, CS-BNG, etc.

Proxy can pick the the fully upgraded plasmagun at the start of level 33. Another plasmagun, also fully upgraded, is hidden inside a crate in the same level.


  • The Plasmagun CS-Bloom seems to be a lesser version of the CS-BNG, an even more powerful single-shot fire weapon.
  • It could be used for gliding in Plazma Burst 2. (Campaign or multiplayer.)
  • The weapon is probably based off of the Doom series, along with the CS-BNG.

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