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There are a few cheat codes for Plazma Burst 1 and Plazma Burst: Foward to The Past. These can be typed into a text box that is brought up by pressing the tilde key, '~'. Unlike Plazma Burst 2's cheat code interface being exclusive to those who complete the campaign, Plazma Burst 1 and Plazma Burst 2: Foward to the Past do not require any missions completed in order to use it.


Cheat CodesEdit


"morehp" is a cheat code that, when typed in, can raise the player's health from 100 to a largely significant number, depending on the mission. Typing it in again will not add up to the health, but reset the interger and set it to whatever health it was on the last time the player typed it in.


"moreall" is a cheat code which can raise the amount of grenades that you have from 5 to 100. It also stops the rocket launcher using up grenades each time it is fired. The same interger rule applies for "moreall".


"unevery" is a cheat code that does not work.


"god", when typed in, is the same as "kill" in Plazma Burst 2, in that it kills you once it is typed in. It is sometimes portrayed as auto mode, but can sometimes be a trick.

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