Rocket Launcher

Rocket launcher upgraded to Level 3

Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro is a compact, launcher that fires pellet-sized explosives.
Although the initials CS are on its name, the Rocket Launcher is used by Usurpations and Civil Security.


The Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro is both an anti-vehicle, and anti-infantry weapon as its damage can maim enemies with a few shots.

This weapon has a high knockback that will lurch any lightly armored target off their feet. Be wary where you fire this weapon, as using it at a close range is not advised, and allies can be damaged by splash damage. Shoot an enemy into a wall with the Rocket Launcher to damage them more.

The Rocket Launcher can be also used to knock enemy squads back, thanks to its fairly quick reload if its a level 2 or 3. This weapon can be used to kill enemies indirectly by its splash damage, but only effective if they're weak.