Shotgun C-O1s

The Shotgun C-01s is a hand-held, small weapon that shoots 3 red bullets. It is very small like a pistol, compared to the other shotguns, and it is held with two hands on the trigger, as if it were one. It flashes a red light, indicating that its reloading and its "barrel" opens up 2 arms when firing. It also has a fairly good stopping power for a small shotgun. Its bullets can shoot through thin walls when they are shot from a close distance.

Its one of the starting weapons, besides the Assault Rifle C-01r, and the Pistol C-01p on the first level. It can be brought in the Equipment Shop for 1500$. Also the upgrade price is $400 credits per level.


  • It has a blue version, exclusive to the map editor
  • Its model name is gun_shotgun. Blue version: gun_shotgun_b
  • It first appeared in Plazma Burst: Foward to The Past, and it looked much different than it is now.