An Usupation Soldier holding an Alien Pistol.

The Usurpationn Soldier is one of the main enemies encountered in Plazma Burst 2. They are the Usurpian forces. There is a stronger version of the Usurpian Soldier called the Advanced Usurpation Soldier. There are also three models of it. The Usurpation soldier is distinguished by its blue helmet visor and yellow battlesuit.

There are three models for the Usurpation Soldier: the weakest one has a light blue visor; the stronger type, with a jutted chin and dark blue visor; the strongest type is the Usurpation Destroyer.

The Usurpian Destroyers are distinguished by their red helmet visors.They may carry an Alien Rifle or Alien Pistol, and rarely rail guns,grenade launchers,or rocket launchers.When destroyers are first encountered,they carry CS-BNG's.

For some reason, Usurpation Soldiers bleed different colors of blood: Usurpation Soldier (model 1):bleeds light blue blood. Usurpation Soldiers (model 2) and Advanced Usurpation Soliders bleed dark blue blood. Usurpation Destroyers bleed light green blood.

There are 2 codes to simplify Map editing.

-70: 2nd version of Userpation Forces, no matter how much health.

-71: Destroyer. Same principle as before.


  • All Usurpians don't talk, instead, they make a strange growl or bubbling noise. Most of these sound the same, but some are louder or have changed pitch.
  • Usurpation Soldiers in level 1,2,3 and 4 are the weakest of all Usurpation race