Usurpation Soldiers in level 2.

The Usurpians are one of the three factions in Plazma Burst 2, along with Civil Security and the protagonist. Not much is known about the Usurpians, other than the fact they are an enemy in Plazma Burst 2. They may have been the reason the marine was sent back in time, to destroy the Usurpians.



There are three ranks of Usurpians in Plazma Burst 2. They are listed in ascending order:

  • Usurpation Soldier: There are 2 types of Usurpation Soldiers, the first has a light blue visor and bleeds light blue blood when damaged, have 150 HP or less and carry Alien Rifles and Alien Pistols. The second type of Usurpation Soldier has a dark blue visor and are usually seen with more powerful weapons. They will show up if they possess more than 150 HP. Often at times, they fight in groups of 2-3 or more, since they rarely patrol alone. On some occasions, they will fight against Civil Security or the Marine and his allies in groups or hordes. One infamous example was in the levels 31 and 40. Oddly, if the difficulty is set to hard, it is very rare to find the first class of Usurpation Soldiers.
  • Advanced Usurpation Soldier: This soldier has armor similar to the first class of Usurpation Solder, but is coloured white and red. They mainly use Alien Shotguns, but also show up with other weapons. The model does not change according to HP, as long as the Character ID is 6. They can be viewed as leaders, one such as in Level 31. They sometimes fight alongside other Usurpation Soldiers on the battlefield.
  • Usurpation Destroyer: This model will appear on any Usurpation Soldier with 351 or higher hp, which is also limitless. They mostly reside in the few levels of the campaign, either using upgraded weapons or the CS-BNG, and almost never fight with the other Usurpations. A small group of 3 Usurpation Destroyers can be found in Level 41, equipped with Ray Gun C-01y's.


The Usurpians also have a variety of weapons at their disposal, with many modeled similarly to their species.

  • Alien Pistol: One of the three pistol's the player can choose during the game. Oddly, it fires 2 shots every time the trigger is pulled. It can be found along with the Alien rifle in level 1. It can be bought from the equipment shop for $600. It is only found in levels 1 and 2.
  • Alien Rifle: One of the most common weapons used by the Usurpation, it has a slow rate of fire compared to the other assault rifles, but it pierces through thin walls and enemies. It can be found during the first level of the campaign, along with the Alien pistol. It could also be bought from the Equipment Shop for $1400.
  • Alien Shotgun: The main weapon for Advanced Usurpation Soldier, it shoots 2 rounds parallel to each other with each shot, giving it a longer range and more damage for headshots. It could be found in level 2 or bought in the equipment shop for $1500. It is VERY valuable weapon for several reasons. It knocks the target back if unstable, shoots 2 shots, and has a medium firing rate.


  • This is possibly the only race that is alien. The Civil Security and the Marine races are human.
  • They are a very mysterious race, and they use very high tech equipment.
  • All of Usurpian avatars can be used in multiplayer.
  • Now they have a red and blue version of the Usuaption Soldier.