A map from the campaign

Level 1

In level 1, you land on earth inside a life capsule despite banging your head on the site of the step,you then can either go under and get grenades,or go over and advance to the place with minimal defences fortified by 2 Civil Security Heavies with a pistol and CS-RC rifle,and 2 or 4 lites.Once they are defeated,you should advance and meet 2 drones,take em out with a rifle for easier hits or what you would prefer.There is also a place under the drones depending on where you encountered them,with 2 ursuption soldiers,but,they just have a alien pistol.After they are defeated,either wall jump or go back and up and advance forward.You will then encounter another 2 usurption soldiers with pistols too,take them out with an accurate weapon since they have some cover although the earlier 2 having a big wall so you can throw a grenade in and take them easily out -_-.Then jump down at the far right of the map and you shall finish the level without even touching the floor.

Level 2Edit

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